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The Energy Education Council is committed to the education and empowerment of energy consumers, with the goal of enhancing lives by promoting the efficient and safe use of energy. We value collaboration, relationships, and partner input in the continuing effort to create broad safety and efficiency knowledge.

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harvest Harvest is a busy time of year, and it is important to look up and look out for overhead power lines. Keep yourself and equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines in all directions, at all times.

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generators When the power goes out, a back-up generator can be a good solution to the problem. Know how to use generators safely. Get more information.
copper theft As the price of copper has increased, so have copper thefts. Copper theft is especially harmful because of the safety risks it creates: fires, explosions, power outages, and electric shock. Get more information.
Efficiency Get your home prepared for cold weather. Check over your heating system, and seal all air leaks. Get more information.

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